Here's what our clients are saying about Pilates and Pilates Influence:

"I have always set a goal to achieve the best body that I can and the assistance of Pilates helped me to not only have the best body that I ever had in my life it also helped me prepare for a bikini competition. Pilates strengthened my core and helped me with my posture. Working out, eating clean and Pilates are the key to my success!"

Vanessa Gonzales
December 2009

"As a 57 year old competitive athlete I am always looking for an edge to take my fitness to the next level. Last year I suffered adebilitating injury related to lack of flexibility. I then started working out with the trainers at Pilates Influence and have significantly improved my flexibility and core strength. I’m now training and competing again and have regained the confidence to push myselfphysically. Pilates training has upgraded my paddling abilities while surfing and enabled me to modernize my surfing technique through more explosive maneuvers with a stronger more flexible core. I would encourage any guy looking to upgrade his fitness to train at Pilates Influence and enjoy the results."

Thomas Kunz, Ventura, CA
June 2009

“I have had lower back problem for over 20 years. Late last year the problem got to the point where it was significantly affecting my physical activities and quality of life. After only TWENTY, 30-minute sessions of Pilates, my back pain has significantly declined. In fact, I am more physically active than I was 5 years ago. I highly recommend Pilates for the relief of lower back pain.”

Ron Becker
January 2009

“I have suffered with low back problems for many years, which has affected no only my quality of life, but it has affected my golf game! With the help of some weight strengthening and cardio workout routines, I gradually got stronger, but never as strong as I’ve felt after starting my Pilates training. I noticed more core strength in just eight initial sessions. Now I’ve continued with reformer training sessions and mat classes. I am so encouraged by the reduction in down time due to back injuries and I do feel my golf game has improved!”

Sheree Fitz
January 2009

"I started pilates in fall of 2008.  It was my coworker who dragged me to the class with her.  Boy, did I feel uncoordinated!  By the time our session was over, my entire body felt so different.  I felt coordinated, I was not tired and I was able to return to my office and continue working.  When I got home that evening and could not believe how much energy I had, and I felt totally rejuvenated!  Normally I would come home from work and collapse on the couch after my long day.   Needless to say, I have continued with my pilates sessions and have benefited tremendously by having relief from my fatigue, headaches and backaches.  No matter how tired I am walking into my training session, I leave feeling rejuvenated and full of energy!"


"For the last six years I have suffered from joint pain and stiffness due to arthritis as well as poor circulation as a result of having Raynaud’s Disease.  Simple everyday activities were difficult and painful.  I took cardio and strength training classes at a gym which helped somewhat.  Then I started taking Pilates.  Wow! What a difference it has made!  Pilates and the trainers at Pilates Influence have benefited me in so many ways.  Pilates has increased my overall strength, flexibility, range of motion, and circulation.  I like that each training session is tailored to meet my specific needs while building a stronger foundation and healthier body.  Pilates is a challenging workout, but it is fun and the time goes by so fast!  If you are looking for a workout that is challenging, individualized, and beneficial, then you should look into joining the trainers at Pilates Influence."


"I can't say enough about what Pilates Influence has done for me. At 55 years old I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain and sciatica for years and even after acupuncture, weight training and weight loss, I just couldn't seem to get any long term relief until now. After just a few sessions at Pilates Influence I've gained tremendous pain relief, increased flexibility and strength. All of which has carried over into the other sports and activities I enjoy, like boot-camps, sailing and handball. Thanks Pilates Influence for providing the missing ingredient to my health and fitness routine!"


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