To help achieve your fitness goals, we utilize specialized Pilates training equipment from Balanced Body.

Equipment used with Pilates include the "Reformer", "Cadillac" and "Wunda Chair".

Watching the circus acrobats on the flying trapeze has always been awe inspiring. You can become awesome on the Pilates cadillac also known as the trapeze table as you build a stronger balanced body. Originally Joseph Pilates built this equipment with rehabilitation in mind, but through the decades since his first inspiration many moves and positions have been added to make this a good fit for any level of fitness (and adventure). If you ever dreamed of running away with the circus, sign up for some sessions and become a trapeze artist!
The reformer is the most utilized and well known piece of pilates equipment. Its versatility of working every muscle group while simultaneously working the core is part of its popularity. It also fabulously assists stretching many muscles for flexibility. We agree it looks like a torture machine, but it's not!! It's an incredibly diverse machine that offers a challenging workout for a seasoned athlete or a simpler yet stimulating exercise session for a newcomer.
Abs & legs, we all want them looking good and feeling strong. The wunda chair can definitely do the trick for you. Our evolved combo chair gives the workout a little more diversity but will leave you feeling challenged and satisfied as you see your progress. Don't be fooled by the name though, you won't just be sitting.

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